Mini Maestros

(Pre-school) - 1yr to 5yrs old. This is a fun music group for preschoolers and their parents. There are between 6 and 15 children in each class and the groups are taken by 2 tutors. The music is all presented live. Children will begin to hear and differentiate between sounds such as major & minor,scales, loud & soft, stop & go. The emphasis, however, is on fun and the children love to see" Jake the Snake" and "Curtis the crocodile" visit twice a term. They also love to try out the "Big Bass Drums" and have fun with the ducks and the bubbles.

These classes are held at St Pauls Union Church (corner Rifle Range and Tamamutu Sts) on Tuesdays. 10am-10.30 or 10.45-11.15.


It is free to try out this group and these groups run differently from the rest of TSOM in that children sign up for 1 term at a time.

The cost for a ten week term of mini maestros is: $70 and $35 for a sibling over the age of 1yr. A 10% discount is offered for payment for the term in full