Instrumental Hire

We are able to hire:

Keyboards, Flute, Trumpets, Clarinets, Violins, Goose Bags (for bagpipes), Cello, Trombones, Alto Saxophone.


The cost for annual hireage is $155 per year.


Hired instruments will be inspected on the last teaching day of the year and payment should be made at this time for continued hire of the instrument.

Hire is on a first come , first served basis. Where we do not have enough instruments, we are grateful to the local colleges and Brass Band for allowing our pupils to hire their instruments at the same cost.


Bagpipe chanters are loaned to pupils free of charge from the Taupo Pipe Band.

All hired instruments are serviced annually. These instruments should be insured under the hirers house insurance.


Applications for instrumental hire should be made when enrolling.


We do not hire

Guitars, Recorders, Ukeleles.